This is a fun-filled, hands-on workshop exploring modes used for relaxation, therapeutic music, and in Celtic and American traditional music. We'll cover defining characteristics and basic chord progressions as well as improvisation in each mode. This workshop is geared to hammered dulcimers and harps, but other instruments are welcome. You will leave the workshop with your head full of new tunes and ideas and your spirit soothed! 

Listen to some of the music from the course HERE.


Who Will Benefit From this Workshop? 

  • Musicians who want to become more fluent in the modes used in Appalachian, Celtic, and Early music. 
  • Players who want to gain increased flexibility in varying and improvising with modes and their chord progressions.
  • Therapeutic musicians interested in deepening their understanding of modes and learning to move between modes. 
  • Therapeutic musicians earn 12- 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the online course and 10 CEUs from the weekend in-person workshops. 
  • Musicians interested in becoming therapeutic musicians through the Music for Healing and Transitions Program and similar programs.


The Mystery of Modes Goes Virtual!


The weekend was a superb learning experience from a truly gifted teacher. Karen's instructional style is wonderfully clear. Without forcing the matter, she creates a natural community among the learners. She has both the sensitivity and the ability to meet the needs of all participants. When the event ended, from the finest professional musicians among us to those of us less seasoned but truly wanting to grow, we were eager to get home and keep at it. Furthermore, we all had a memorable amount of fun! ” - Steve D., Greenville, SC
She was always mindful of the different instruments, including voice, of the people in the room and was able to adapt the material to each. I left the class with a much better understanding of the modes and how to introduce a modal dimension to many of the pieces of music I use in my work.” - Dawn D., CMP
This is the best workshop I've ever attended. ... Essential concepts and building blocks were presented in a variety of learning styles, providing a wealth of ideas and inspiration to carry forward!” - Bill F.