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Music for the Spirit healing hammered dulcimer music

Spirit First Meditation

Karen Ashbrook

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Spirit First Meditation

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Out of stock promotes meditation. As part of its monthly Saturday guided mediations, music is included. This was the music I played live on Zoom for the November 13, 2021 meeting. It is a simple home recording.

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Your music is so relaxing. It takes me where I need to be.” - a patient

Certified Music Practitioners® (CMP) are trained to create a sonic healing environment with live music at the bedside of those who are ill and/or dying.  Karen earned her certification through the Music for Healing and Transitions Program ( She brings over 40 years of experience playing the dulcimer around the world in many styles to her therapeutic music.  Currently, she works as an Artist in Residence as part of the Arts & Humanities Program at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and in the Stages of Healing at Walter Reed Medical Center at the Bethesda Naval Base. Private therapeutic music sessions can be booked with Karen.

Listen to Karen's Facebook Live January 14th performance for "Thursdays with Therapeutic Music" on the Music for Healing and Transitions Facebook Page.

      Studies have shown that live music, played in an appropriate way, can  

      • Aid sleep  
      • Bring comfort  
      • Promote joy & healing  
      • Reduce blood pressure  
      • Affect respiration  
      • Sharpen mental focus  
      • Foster a sense of well being  
      • Reduce anxiety and pain  
      • Reduce need for anesthesia and pain relievers
      Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.–” - Kahlil Gibran 

      Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, photo by Elena Kindy

      sound sample of healing music

      You're putting smiles on all our faces. ” - a nurse at Walter Reed

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