A 4-Week Virtual Course in Reading Music

Bite the bullet and take on the learning that will open thousands of tunes for you!  Every musician will benefit by adding proficiency in reading music to their skill set.  Classes will be fully recorded for participants.  A Wakelet page with all the class materials and links to useful and fun resources will be available.


Classes will be Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm Eastern/New York.  

DATES: January 17, 24, 31, February 7.


TO REGISTER–2 steps:

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How to Read Music 4-week Virtual Course
  • How to Read Music 4-week Virtual Course

How to Read Music 4-week Virtual Course

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Learn the fundamentals of reading music and how it fits on the hammered dulcimer. Starting January 17th, 4 one-hour classes offered live on Zoom on Tuesday nights 7:30 pm Eastern/New York. Classes will be fully recorded for students. There will be a Wakelet page with all the class information and useful resources.

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How to Read Music Course Syllabus

 Jan 17, WEEK 1 - Just the Notes, M'am!  Learn what the lines and spaces on the treble and bass clefs are and how they relate to the notes on your hammered dulcimer. Games and useful weblinks included.

Jan 24, WEEK 2: It's All About the Beat!  Rhythm is the single most challenging part of reading music. You'll learn how to count out loud and the most common rhythms in traditional American and Celtic dance music.

This is the week that actual music reading begins!

Jan 31, WEEK 3: All Those Other Signs.   There is a bit more to reading than just notes and rhythm.  The signs that guide tempo, dynamics, repeats, and more.

Feb 7, WEEK 4: It's a Wrap! Review, questions, and strategies for developing your new skill.