Mystery of Modes Workshops

Karen - Your weekend was superlative, beyond even my best expectation - a marvelous learning experience and wonderfully encouraging for me. I've put a brief testimonial below: The weekend was a superb learning experience from a truly gifted teacher. Karen's instructional style is wonderfully clear. Without forcing the matter, she creates a natural community among the learners. She has both the sensitivity and the ability to meet the needs of all participants. When the event ended, from the finest professional musicians among us to those of us less seasoned but truly wanting to grow, we were eager to get home and keep at it. Furthermore, we all had a memorable amount of fun!” - Steve Doughty

— Chicago Modes Workshop 2017

This is an excellent, well-organized weekend workshop with one of the finest HD teachers/players in the US. Music theory was presented clearly and each mode and/or scale had well chosen example tunes. Because the modes; Ionian, Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Aoelian were clearly organized the music theory did not seem overwhelming but logical. I felt confident enough at the end of the class to begin experimenting by taking tunes I already knew and experimenting with variations of modes to increase variety and interest in the playing of those old favorites. It was a delight to see and hear Karen play her dulcimer with such expression that she brings to the instrument.” - Lori Y.

— Chicago Modes Workshop 2017

The instruction was clear and interesting. I think your life experience and interest in world music has made you the perfect person to teach a workshop like this.” - Mary Utschig

— Chicago Mystery of Modes 2017

We all left the workshop with a renewed respect for Karen and the depth of her workshops, an appreciation for the various applications of what we learned and a desire to really implement the soul of the topic, whether in Celtic and American traditional music or in therapeutic music settings. Thanks, Karen!! ” - Barbara Gershman, VP Southern California Dulcimer Heritage

— California Mystery of Modes 2017

Mystery of Modes Workshop-California