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You can hear on youtube our Facebook Live "Birthday Gratitude Concert" to raise money for Doctors Without Borders from April 28.  We raised over $1400.  Thank you all! 

From Ireland with Love 

May 20

I should have landed in Shannon airport this morning and been happily playing in a pub in Ennis, County Clare.  In 2013, along with Jeanean Songco-Martin, painters and her family,  we had a 6:00 am arrival and by…

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2 months- Covid Staycation

May 12th, 2020

We have now been home for 2 months.  So many adjustments and the "staycation" is turning into "adaptation" for the next several months.  Each week I relax a bit but also struggle to maintain or establish routines…

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Week 5 Covid Staycation

April 22, 1:00 am

Sometimes I wonder if I really am a legitimate musician since I am not a night person. 

Yet while putting the new website together this is my 4th late night. Sharon Moore has exceeded the bonds…

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Week 3 Covid- Staycation

April, 2020

Three weeks into my Staycation,  I've finally registered my most recent recording, Celtic Shores, with the Copyright Office and written and posted extended liner notes for it (which were promised last September).  And now the big project…

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