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Zoete Mariton/ Schottische/ Saut de Lapin
One of the earliest collectors of Flemish folk songs, Charles Edmond de Coussemaker published the melody and one verse and chorus of Zoete Mariton, saying that it was popular in Bailleul (Northern France) in his days (1850s). Flemish culture there was seriously endangered, and he wanted to document what there was and show its beauty and value. He surmised that its rhythm was a clear marker of its (Flemish) folk origins. A later collector, Florimond van Duyse in 1905 published more versions of the same song and pointed out that it probably descended from a Parisian song about mirlitons, a type of hairdo that was popular in the early 1700s. Our version is a pastiche of both sets of lyrics.

We follow with a traditional French Schottische, of which --in the good folk tradition-- we don't remember the name or origin. Then we go for broke with the "Saut de Lapin", a QuebeƧois reel that Karen learned playing at open band for the Glen Echo contradances in the 1980s.