Here we are- one year later.

In April 2020 I was madly putting together this website on Bandzoogle, to move my old, out-of-date website from a different server by the end of the month. My husband Paul and I were also working up new material to give our first online concert.  We gave a Facebook live show April 28th, 2020 and raised almost $1500 for Doctors Without Borders, while learning some of the in and outs of online performing. 

Fast forward a year.  (Is it already time to deep clean again?!) The new website has been fantastic!

We have given many online concerts in the past year, some live, some pre-recorded, with several more booked.

I have successfully taught group classes at several festivals and twice run an 8-week online course-the Mystery of Modes.  I now have private online students from all over.  They have discovered that virtual lessons have advantages-no driving, no schlepping, and you get videos!  I'm able to play for patients at Medstar Georgetown via Zoom a few times a week. I even recently played for a small, outdoor wedding at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

And most amazing of all (to me), I'm really comfortable with all of that and my workload is almost equivalent to what it was pre-lockdown.  

The Georgetown Lombardi Arts and Humanities Program has been very supportive of its artists and continues to find ways to keep us engaged in our healing activities with patients, staff and caregivers.  There is a weekly newsletter, free online classes, and Zooming for patients. Check out the AHP website and sign up for the wellness newsletter and some of the classes! 

I should be planning a new Concert of Thanksgiving but I am actually indulging in a well-earned break after several months of non-stop work. I'm still teaching private students and playing for patients, but no concerts or festivals until mid-May (when I have several.) The beginning of June will bring the joyous return of another crazy QuaranTUNES virtual dulcimer festival (registration will open s May 2) and the end of June I will again be teaching classes at Common Ground on the Hill's Traditions Week I (registration open now).

For me personally, the most exciting news is that I have finally been vaccinated!  Yay!

I wish you all stay safe and enjoy the beautiful Springtime! 

Karen, April 13, 2021 

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