2021- a New Year

A new year has come.  February 1st is Imbolc- the beginning of the Celtic Spring and St Bridget's Day.  In Maryland we have greeted the new season with 2 days of snow. This weekend is QuaranTUNES 3.0 - the mega online dulcimer festival.  I'll be teaching 10 classes.  Then next week I start my second round of the Mystery of Modes Online Course. I've spent the last 2 weeks working on a major overhaul of the course booklet that went from 17 pages to 27 -even with me removing 2 pages.  In the weekly meeting of Artists with the Georgetown Lombardi Arts & Humanities Program, I realized we have all come to be a part of online learning and performing.  Last year it was all new.  We rushed to figure out how to do things online-what equipment to buy, which software to use.  Now it is a way of life.  And our classes and concerts fill.  People are hungry for music and art - even if it means connecting through the internet.  For some it is their first opportunity to attend festivals or take private lessons, because the internet is open to all. My friends in Japan have finally heard me perform with Paul, thanks to the internet.  There will be no going back.  Online art is here to stay. It will be interesting to see the awkward adjustment back to in-person live events and how they will co-exist with online opportunities.  I think we are looking at another year of mostly online events. Write, play music, listen to concerts, make art, laugh, meditate, read, wear masks, and be well!