Black Lives Matter

We live in painful and interesting and hopeful times. It's been a time of discovery and  for those of us who are white, a time to support our community members of color. How phenomenal this is happening during Covid-19 quarantine- but perhaps the weeks of being pent up, many in isolation and without income, are what has caused not only the US but many countries around the world to ignite and say "It's time for justice and equality."

There's so much to learn and do. I start at the place I know- music.  Here is a piece I did for the Georgetown Lombardi's Arts & Humanities Program's weekly newsletter: I play 'We Shall Overcome', 'How Can I Keep From Singing', and the 'Prelude to the First Bach Cello Suite'.

Here is the LINK to the full issue. You can also subscribe to their Monday e-newsletters HERE.

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