The Performer - KA/PO (Karen Ashbrook and Paul Oorts)

Karen and Paul

Karen performs with her husband, Paul Oorts, a Belgian-born musician who performs on harp guitar, 10-string cittern, mandolin, and musette accordion.

Paul Oorts & Karen Ashbrook started playing as a duo featuring Celtic, Belgian and French music with the recording "Celtic Café" on the Maggie's Music label.

"Met Celtic Cafe onderzoekt het duo de pan-Europese muziek met eem ongewone geestdrift, gratie en fantasie. (With Celtic Café, the duo explores pan-European music with uncommon enthusiasm, grace and imagination.)"

-- the Belgian newspaper DE MORGEN.

"The Flemish workshop you did with Paul is one of the best workshops I've ever seen at any festival!"

-- C.B., Washington Folk Festival

In 2016, they played at the Pocono Winter Dulcimer Fest.

"What a treat to have you and Paul with us. I was wowed by your selection of music and musicianship and the gracious way you both contributed to our festival. I really enjoyed sitting in on Paul’s class too. Thanks so much for joining us this year."

--Norm Williams, Pocono Winter Dulcimer Fest, 2016

KA/PO frequently plays for seniors, providing an engaging program taking people on a musical travelogue around Europe and sometimes even to the Orient!

"Wonderful performance – mellow, informative and hit the right balance with our multi-cultural group. Beautiful music!"

-- F. Laurence from the Mislar Adult Day Center, Rockville, MD

Listen to some of their performances on YouTube: