Cracks and Shadows

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Cracks and Shadows

Tune List

  1. Another Wild Place Lost Forever (4:43)
  2. Castles Aaaa and Bbbb (3:24)
  3. Ruth's Waltz (5:22)
  4. In The Cracks (3:29)
  5. Full Fathom Five/Crooked Path/On the Firebreak/Spy Rock (5:33)
  6. Judy's Jubilation (2:47)
  7. Before the Bloom/Drunkard's Walk/C Sharp Minor (6:19)
  8. After the Flood (2:45)
  9. Scherzo in C minor (5:26)
  10. Un Abrazo Sin Fin (3:36)
  11. The Silver Shadow (3:22)
  12. Julie MacRae's Waltz (4:01)
  13. The Warfield Berry Jam/Drunkard's Walk/New Robinson Bridge(3:59)
  14. Piper on the Hill(3:28)
  15. Selva Negra (3:05)
  16. My Love She is a Nut Brown Ale/Slingshort/Spinnaker (4:03)

An original symphonic suite for folk ensemble, drawing on elements of Celtic and English dance traditions

Pianist Dave Wiesler's debut recording is a musical journey through the space where traditional Celtic and English dance forms meet classical forms of composition and arrangement. Featuring entirely original compositions, Cracks and Shadows combines the intricacy of composed pieces with the unpredictable exhuberance of improvised music. Dave is accompanied here by a star ensemble made up of Andrea Hoag and Earl Gaddis on fiddles, Susan Brandt on silver flute, Ralph Gordon on 'cello and bass, Karen Ashbrook on hammered dulcimer and whistles, and Paul Oorts on various plucked strings.

Dave has been a much sought-after pianist for folk dancing for nearly a decade. He is a master of many different styles ranging from Scottish, Irish, and English folk music to ragtime, swing, blues, popular and classical music. In addition to being a prolific composer and talented arranger, he is a consummate ensemble musician. His versatility has made him a popular choice for dance and music camps, concerts, performance tours, and music workshops across the country, in Canada, and in Scotland and as a supporting musician on a number of other recordings. Says one dancer "You turn dancing from a pleasure into a joy and from a joy into an art form."


Dave Wiesler: piano
Earl Gaddis: fiddle, viola
Andrea Hoag: fiddle
Susan Brandt: silver flute
Ralph Gordon: bass, violincello
Karen Ashbrook: hammered dulcimer, whistle
Paul Oorts: steel & nylon stringed guitars, bouzouki, mandolin

Produced by Dave Wiesler
All music composed by Dave Wiesler (BMI).

Listeners have been telling me for years how hard it is to categotize my music. Much of it lies outside the usual confines of folk, classical, or contemporary music -- somewhere in the cracks between traditional and modern and in the shadows between the pure folk genres of Scottish or English or American music. This recording is a glimpse into those cracks and shadows.