Music for Vets Fundraiser

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"Starry Starry"

Celestial Music from the Heart - Karen Ashbrook

A Fantasia of American, Celtic, Asian and classical lullabies on solo hammered dulcimer

Support healing music for veterans
and their families!

At this time I am no longer accepting donations.
I am currently playing one on one and not in the lobbies.

Through the generosity of donors I gave away 636 copies of Starry Starry from 2015-2016 to many grateful people!
Thank you for your support!

Through the generous efforts of Carolyn Surrick, Chamber Music Annapolis and Trio Galilei, I had the chance to play music with Trio Galilei weekly at Walter Reed Veterans Hospital for almost 5 months in early 2015. We would play in the lobby of the hospital every Friday morning and then in the Wounded Warriors' Café for lunch.

Every week we heard versions of the same thing:

  • "I always schedule my appointments for Friday mornings so I can hear you."
  • "I hate coming to the hospital but your music makes it tolerable!"
  • My most recent visit I was told: "I had no idea there would be music here. I don't know what your instrument is but the music is incredible. I've been on 4 tours of duty and this is one of the first times I've remembered to sit down and enjoy beauty - listening to your music."
  • And from everyone "Thank you!"

We gave away free copies of two different CDs by Trio Galilei as well as a poetry book by Carolyn of her experiences at Walter Reed. Each week that was 50-60 CDs and around 20 books!

About the CDs, we would hear:

  • "Your music is the only thing that helps me get to sleep at night."
  • "Your CDs calm down my children!"
  • "Your CDs do more to help my PTSD than all the other therapies and drugs!"

Folks - I can't begin to to tell you how much this music really makes a difference in people's lives, especially the many dealing with deep traumas! It helps!