"Starry Starry"
Celestial Music from the Heart

Volume I - from
Music for the Spirit

Karen is recording
this solo hammered dulcimer volume of International Lullabies to be released in November of 2015.

You can pre-order the CD for a flat fee of $20 (including shipping). Additional copies are $15 each. Downloadable versions are $5 less.

Pre-Orders must be made separately to avoid additional shipping costs.


Send an email to Karen at mail@karenashbrook.com to be notified of the release of Starry Starry when it becomes available.

Karen Ashbrook has been involved with dulcimer since the mid 70s when she built her first one as a high school project. She had been a pioneer in the promotion of the dulcimer in the US, Japan and more recently in its revival in Belgium.

"Karen has long been something of a heroine to me... Her style is at times traditional, then moves surprisingly at a tangent, making it more interesting in an unexpected way. And her whistle playing is excellent." — Irish Edition, Philadelphia

She teaches private & group lessons, workshops at festivals, and works extensively with children. She also performs in weddings, concerts, receptions and other venues.

Karen's CMP business card

Karen is also a Certified Music Practitioner® (CMP), and is trained to play healing hammered dulcimer music at the bedside of those who are ill and/or dying.

If you are interested in therapeutic music services, contact Karen at 301-592-0101 or mail@karenashbrook.com.

The hammered dulcimer is an engaging instrument that dates back to the 14th century and spread all around the world. It is a trapezoid box played with small wooden hammers.